Who we are and what we stand for

Here at Alkemy, we’re a group of designers, programmers, professionals, and visionaries that are working together to develop the next big thing (and have a little fun on the side). We take pride in all we do and love creating awesome new products and websites.

  1. Competitive Pricing and Delivery Times
    We quote projects based upon their complexity and the time it will take to produce the desired results. Some projects are more costly than others, but we always try to be as reasonable as possible with our estimates. In the world of Development and Design there is an old saying, “Fast, Cheap, and Good. You can choose any two.” (Here’s a tip: You should always choose Quality as one of the 2)
  2. Always deliver work that we can be proud of
    Your success is a direct reflection on our success and that is why it’s important to us to provide only our best, Always. We live up to this by treating your project as if it were our project. This means:
    • Making meaningful suggestions when necessary. We are industry experts, and as we mentioned before, your success matters. That means that we will always suggest something if we feel it’s to your benefit. Ultimately, you will always have the final say in your project and our suggestions will only be made when we feel they are needed. Consider them carefully.
    • High Grade Quality Assurance Testing. While designing and developing, we run through many checks to ensure that quality is being met. However infrequently, things are bound to slip through the cracks. To answer this concern, we provide you with rounds of revisions (number of revision rounds depends on your specific agreement). This means that you have an opportunity to provide your own feedback during the process. We also provide a final review period for the product, so that you and your team can have some time to explore and see if anything was missed.
  3. Always have fun in everything we do.
    We love what we do and feel blessed that we can enjoy doing what we love everyday. This translates into a better working relationship with you and your business. Relationships are powerful motivators and we’re not just looking to collect a fee from you. We want to help your business succeed for years to come, and that means building a strong foundation.

Our Passion

What drives us? The desire to create Awesome Software that answers the needs of our world. We meet complex problems with creative and innovative solutions every day. At our center is the idea that each member of our team brings something unique to the table and we strive to show it every chance we get.

Here at Alkemy, we believe in the Japanese principle of Kaizen.



a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc.

We apply this by constantly striving to improve our business bit by bit. From that code that we updated to make your website load quicker, to the adjustment we made on mobile devices so that users could interact better — Our team is always working on making something better so that we can be proud of everything we create and do.

Let Us Build Your Dream

We can prepare a custom estimate based on your specific needs. Just fill out the fields below so that we can get a better picture of what kind of site you will need and we’ll do the rest. As soon as we have had a chance to review your information, you’ll get a follow-up call from one of our team members to discuss your project further and iron out all of the details.

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