4 Key Principles of Social Media Marketing

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As a company or business, it's necessary to make yourself stand out in your particular industry by having an online presence to ensure that you can reach more people. As more people spend time on social media, it's necessary to make use of a variety of platforms to advertise. Here are a few key principles to keep in mind when promoting your social media marketing to increase your success in the industry.

Content is Always King

All forms of marketing require the content to be interesting and engaging, which includes what is posted on your web pages for your social media accounts. Your content should be personal but professional and represent your brand well. Make it a point to know your audience in advance to determine the proper verbiage and language that should be used to ensure that your readers can relate. Many businesses find great success in outsourcing their content creation. Express Writers explains, “content writing is more complex than churning out a few blogs when you feel like it. It takes time to produce high quality content because it’s more than just writing. Fulfilling a detailed content strategy shouldn’t be another box to check on your daily to-do list.”

Cultivate Interaction

Social media is great for businesses to develop a personality. Podium explains, “social media allows businesses to develop a personality, respond to complaints or concerns, and to have a voice that appeals to their customers. By responding to messages, and keeping the conversation and interactions going, you'll get customers more likely to spread news of your business, in a very positive context.” It makes for an excellent way of having conversations with your customers and developing a lasting relationship that can increase your long-term success.


With your social media marketing, you'll want to listen to what your customers are saying to ensure that they feel like they have a voice. Understand what they're saying before you decide to insert yourself into the conversation. You can also listen to what they're saying by taking polls to gauge if there's room for improvements with the products or services that you offer. Make it about them instead of you. Startquestion explains, “online surveys and forms are a great way to get immediate responses from customers. With many surveys you can even respond to their responses to get more information.” You can also respond to their reviews to ensure that they know that you're listening. If a customer has a complaint, offer a full refund, a replacement or a discount to ensure that they know you want to make them satisfied.

Treat Your Followers Like VIPs

Roll out the red carpet for your followers and allow them to feel special to ensure that you can make a great first impression. Social Media Today explains, “if people are taking the time to interact with you online, why not reward them? Show your gratitude for their loyalty to your company and offer them coupons or discounts throughout the month to ensure that they feel valued and accommodated.” Give your audience attention and consistent praise to ensure that they continue to engage with your posts and remain committed to catching up on your different social media accounts. Allowing your clients to feel valued should be the top goal.

Knowing how to utilize social media marketing correctly to promote your company or brand will allow you to gain loyal customers who continue to purchase your goods or services. With a consistent approach and interesting content, you'll stand out amongst your competitors and can make a connection with your followers, which will prove to be profitable over time.

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